In the frame of the Printexpo exhibition, the category and special prizes of the Federation of Hungarian Printers and Paper Makers’ 2007 Pro Typographia competition were awarded on 3 October 2007. Based on the decision of a jury that consisted of printing industry professionals, State Printing House Plc was awarded in two categories. 31 products entered the category of Security documents and securities and the Company’s bankcard with unique design has won a silver prize. The speciality of the Mastercard card produced for Raiffeisen’s Private Banking service is the unique black design given only to key clients.

The Hungarian Post’s For Youth 2006 stamp was awarded with bronze prize. The stamp’s print was designed by Péter Berky graphic artist and it commemorates the 100 year anniversary of winning the first Grand Prix prize. The stamp was produced by State Printing House Plc., it represents Ferenc Szisz car racer who is Hungarian by origin driving his famous racing car.

From among the products of State Printing House Plc, the following were awarded with ‘excellent qualification’ in the category of Security documents and securities:

Silver Visa bank card of Piraeus Bank
Cavaliere Gold bank card
Enamel pictures of the Holy Crown II. block of stamps
For youth 2006 stamp
FIFA Football World Championship 2006 stamp
Illustrious Hungarians – László Detre astronomer was born 100 years ago stamp
Raiffeisen black MasterCard bank card

Thank you for the recognition!

State Printing House Plc