The Corporation’s blog has been launched in order to serve its partners and all inquirers with more information and events related to the Printing House are available both on Facebook and Twitter.

The State Printing House Plc has been one of the most transparently operating companies listed on the stock exchange in Hungary for years. In order to continue the reinforcement of this transparent operation, the Corporation has launched its own blog where the inquirers can get a true and up-to-date view; which areas are developed by the Printing House, which trends can be found in the printing industry, how the Printing House tries to form the security printing industrial trends in the region, and what opinion it has about the certain cases which the Company is concerned in. The unconcealed aim of starting the blog is to give a real view of the business development, research and economic processes going on in the Printing House, for the inquirers following the Corporation’s life.
Simultaneously, the events concerning the State Printing House Plc, the Corporation’s opinion of the actions affecting the printing industry, and the most important news, press materials are available both on Facebook and Twitter.