State Printing House Plc. informs the stakeholders of the Capital Market in this way that the Registry Court registered the change in the composition of the share capital pursuant to the Annual General Meeting (held on 28th April 2008) Resolutions No. 9/2008 (04.28) and No. 10/2008 (04.28) effective as at 3rd June 2008. According to the Company Register the share capital of the Company consists of 14,794,650 ordinary shares Series ‘A’ with a par value of HUF 98.

After the registration at the Registry Court the transformation of employee shares Series ‘B’ and ‘C’ to ordinary share Series ‘A’ and the stock split of ordinary shares in ratio 1:10 continues in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Budapest Stock Exchange and KELER (Central Clearing House and Depository (Budapest)).

State Printing House Plc.