Post No. 3. Fluorescent rainbow prints – multiplication of colours

Rainbow or split-fountain printing is a well known process of security printing. It uses two or more colours on one printing plate merging the colours subtly into each other.
If you are interested more deeply, you can find a short explanation and nice illustrations here:

As result of this technology you can find countless different colour shades on the print as they merge in infinitely fine steps. There are different “schools” how to make a rainbow print. Nowadays narrow colour transitions are more popular (see the photo of the inner pages below). I am personally fancy with the “old-school” i.e. using broader transitions resulting in more colour shades on the print.

Rainbow printing on ANY Specimen Card and Vehicle Registration card produced by ANY

Is it possible to make nice rainbow prints using colourless, fluorescent inks having “only” different fluorescent colours?
Yes, although, it requires special care from the printers!

Have a look at the pictures below! Aren’t they just beautiful?

Part of the ANY Specimen Passport’s data page in UV 365 nm

            ANY Specimen Passport’s inner pages in UV 365 nm

ANY Specimen ID card in UV 365 nm (ID1 format)