Állami Nyomda presented its E-ID development at the conference organized on the subject of the new Polish personal identification. The development was presented by Miroslav Kulpa, the Polish expert of the Corporation in Polsat News.

The leading security printing companies of the world presented their electronic personal ID concepts at the conference named ‘NEW pl.ID’ which was organized in Warsaw on March 18, 2010. The security and personalization concepts related to the identification cards of the Printing Company were presented by the experts of Állami Nyomda, Miroslav Kulpa and Kristóf Kalauz in their presentations. The E-ID introduced already in London and Berlin earlier this year features contact and contactless chip capable to write, store and read biometric identifications among others, as well as the most modern CLI/MLI security solutions.
As it was mentioned in the lecture of Kristóf Kalauz – the plant director of the Security Printing Product Centre of Állami Nyomda – even the Polish conference shows that the electronic identifications will anyway rule the near future not only in the United States or in Western Europe, but in the Central and Eastern-European regions as well. The fact that the integration of the European standards in Poland was dealt with by a separate section with the participation of the most famous international experts shows that the switch to the new type of the personal identification will be unavoidable in our country as well.
Following this event, the E-ID solution of Állami Nyomda was presented by Miroslav Kulpa to the general public upon request of the leading Polish commercial television, and he spoke about the technical and functional requirements which were necessary for the introduction of the Polish E-ID.