Tamás Sztaricskai holds the position of deputy general manager, sales and marketing at State Printing House Plc from 1 August 2007. His tasks include the development of regional activities and management of domestic sales and marketing. State Printing House Plc wishes to make use of his professional experience gained at multinational companies in implementing the regional growth strategy of the Állami Nyomda Group.

The professional with MBA degree has recently managed his own company specializing at business consultancy. Beforehand he worked as regional sales and marketing leader at Raiffeisen International Bank-Holding AG in Vienna between 2003 and 2006. As an executive director, he was responsible for the management of PR and marketing communications activities and the support of retail sales at the Hungarian subsidiary of Vodafone. As a result of his professional work, he was awarded a Gold Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival for the Hungarian introduction campaign of Vodafone and he received platinum, gold and bronze EFFIE awards in 2002 for managing Vodafone’s advertising campaigns.
The specialist speaks three languages, English, German and Russian, and he received a post gradual international marketing MBA diploma at the Case Western Reserve University, Weather School of Management in Ohio. Furthermore, he pursued business and economy studies in the USA and has two other diplomas.
Tamás Sztaricskai does not own any State Printing House shares at the moment.

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