At the beginning of February, State Printing House will present its state-of-the-art e-ID solution, its uniquely developed document personalization system, it passport data page with IR ink and its product marking security label equipped with data matrix code to the professional public in London.

One of the world’s largest security printing conference and exhibition, Security Document World (SDW) will be held between 8-10 February 2010 in the British capital. During the three-day-long event the attendees will have a chance to see the newly developed birth certificate of State Printing House and the connected security personalization system. The document personalization with uniquely developed security printers equipped with electromechanical protection guarantees the high level of security in the case of documents personalized in a decentralized way like birth registers. Main components of the system include the special security inks fluorescent under UV light which were developed by the Document Security Department of State Printing House. The data content of documents personalized with the special ink can be controlled under a UV lamp.

Besides the decentralised personalization system, the professionals of the Company will present other developments as well: e-ID documents offering significantly higher level of security than those without chip, the passport data page equipped with security elements visible only under IR light, and the ‘product marking security label’ which makes the alteration and copy of bar code labels’ data content more difficult.

All major security printing industry players take part at SDW. Besides the exhibition, a conference with rich professional programme is waiting for the delegates. The topics include e-passports, application possibilities of biometric and chip technology and the latest anti-counterfeiting solutions for documents.

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