As part of an international consortium the Hungarian State Printing House has won the new Israeli electronic ID project. As a member of a consortium led by HP Israel and as a partner of Zetes Industries the Company takes part in the development and production of Israeli e-ID cards.

MOI of Israel announced that the consortium led by HP Israel has won the tender for the production of electronic ID cards on 1 December 2008. According to plans, the issuance of the new electronic ID cards will begin before the end of next year. E-ID cards will contain the owner’s data, portrait, digital signatures and biometric data.

State Printing House Plc takes part in the project which places exceptionally great emphasis on secure personal identification as an internationally recognized expert of polycarbonate based security documents. By using its decade-long document security and production experience, the Company gives know-how transfer for the consortium and will act as an expert during production.

Besides the production and personalization of Hungarian documents, the Company has delivered identification cards to Ireland, Albania, and Slovakia among others in the years elapsed and so increased its international prestige. The new order is due to international experience in the field of document production on one hand while on the other hand it is the result of research and development of high standard executed beforehand.

State Printing House Plc