State Printing House Plc has contracted for supplying and producing referendum forms and received further orders from the Irish government. The two contracts’ value amounts to about net HUF 400 million.

State Printing House has contracted for supplying printing products and services needed for the 9 March 2008 referendum. In the frame of the treaty, it produces the voting forms with security elements for 8,500,000 voters and ensures the production, packaging and delivery of voting materials for 11,000 electoral districts. Net value of the contract amounts to HUF 284 million. State Printing House Plc has been taking part in the supply of election forms and connected special security and logistics activities in Hungary for several decades. Its international references include such great projects like the Hungarian elections, furthermore, the elections forms produced for Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo in the last years.

As a result of increased security needs, the Company produces several foreign security documents and cards. FÁS, Ireland’s National Training and Employment Authority have posted further orders to supplement the contract made one year ago. As they ordered half of the three years’ quantity included in the 2007 agreement in the first year, they renewed the contract. The order for production and personalization of Safepass labour cards with security features will amount to a further HUF 110 million in the next two years.

Besides the Irish tender, State Printing House has successfully participated in the tenders for the Albanian driving licence and the Slovakian health insurance card as well. Furthermore, it received orders for supplying unique security inks to Romania. This proves that the Company’s security products, security IT solutions and personalization activity is competitive in several countries of Europe.

State Printing House Plc