State Printing House has won HUF 66 million subsidy for research and development. The application of nanotechnology in security inks may contribute to decreasing counterfeiting and the fight against black economy.

State Printing House Plc has won HUF 66 million subsidy for the HUF 164 million total value R&D project on the Central Hungary Operational Programme (KMOP) application of the New Hungary Development Plan. In the development aimed at production and application of nanodispersions containing special security materials, the Company’s professional partner is the Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA-MFA).

‘The two Parties have concluded a strategic cooperation agreement in November 2008 in order to expand the application of nanotechnology in the security printing industry. The development of special security materials, which was subject of the winning application, is only one of those territories where new printing industry solutions may emerge due to nanotechnology.’ – said Dr. István Bársony, director of MTA MFA.

‘We cannot get round the economic environment surrounding us. At the same time, we know that the developments of today will create such high standard products which will deliver their good effects in the medium-term and they will ensure competitive advantage for us and our clients after the crisis. The unique security inks produced with the help of nanotechnology will significantly contribute to the prevention of document counterfeiting, the drawing back of forged products and the fight against black economy. This development may offer a solution for verifying the origin of products in more industries. Furthermore, another Hungarian scientific solution may enter the world market.’ – said Gábor Zsámboki, chief executive officer of State Printing House Plc.

State Printing House Plc


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