State Printing House has concluded a contract for the production of EMV cards and for the related complex services with MKB Bank (Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank). The production of hundred thousands of EMV chip bank cards will be started still this year.

State Printing House Plc. and the Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank Ltd. (MKB Bank Zrt.) have concluded a contract for indefinite time regarding services related to EMV chip bank cards. Besides the production of bank cards, the complex package includes personalization of the cards, programming of the chips as well as the advisory functions needed for the introduction. The service will be completed by the preparation of letters related to the cards, their enveloping and the production of other necessary forms. Hundred thousands of chip bank cards will be produced during this project, which represent much higher security level than the cards equipped with magnetic strip which are widely spread at present.

State Printing House who has the authorization for production and personalization of the EMV VISA and MasterCard bank cards currently works on different card developments considering the international trends. These developments focus on state-of-the-art technologies such as NFC (near field communication), which means the near future regarding the contactless payment procedures.


State Printing House Plc.