Due to its conscious work performed over the past years, State Printing House Plc. was elected ’The Green Printing Company of the year’. The five-star prize of GPwA tender founded by the Hungarian printing magazine ‘Printing World’ was awarded to our Corporation on November 1, 2011. The significance of this prize is increased by the fact, that patrons of this tender include the institutes such as the Technical Association of the Paper and the Printing Industry and the Environmental Protection Institute of the Regional Research Centre of Óbuda University.

In connection with this award, Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of the Corporation stated: ’The Printing House is a regional size company having state-of-the-art products and services, who considers the environment conscious operation to be a basic requirement. Consequently, the Corporation has made extremely great efforts for years both in the fields of energy consumption, waste handling, minimizing of the use of dangerous materials, and in the field of introduction of new technologies developed by R&D activities that reduce the environmental pollution.’

State Printing House shall also operate in the future as a company feeling responsibility for the maintenance of environment and shall grant considerable role to this aspect in its investment and development programs.