State Printing House has acquired Techno-Progress Kft. which specialises in biometry and possesses special technological rights. With the transaction, the Company obtained such know-how which could further reinforce its position in the field of personal identification.

State Printing House Plc has purchased 100% share of Techno-Progress Kft. for an amount of HUF 25 million. The aim of the acquisition was to obtain such innovative solution which ensures competitive ad-vantage for State Printing House Plc in the future. Due to the agreement, one of the leading printing houses of Central-Eastern Europe will get such know-how which suits the development directions ob-servable in the industry perfectly. The acquisition of the company possessing unique technological rights in the field of personal identification significantly raises the innovation opportunities of State Printing House Plc. Reinforcing the area with outstanding development potential contributes notably to the improvement of secure personal identification which is one of the main profiles of the Company.

Gábor Zsámboki Chief Executive Officer commented:
‘Due to the acquisition, we obtained such special technological right which is needed for developments essential in the security printing industry. Trends are obviously proving that biometry-based personal identification will dominate in the future. As a result, outstanding success can be reached here by devel-oping and introducing a new, innovative solution.’

State Printing House Plc