Future is envisioned by many people and many times. It is not so easy in the age of self-driving cars. Since a lot of hypes have come to nothing, it means that the technology attempts to overcome the limits again and again, but it is hindered by the human nature and habits, or just delayed?

The latest Gartner’s analysis that was published by the US publication of Forbes made surprising statements which might also concern the whole security printing industry.

Data security mentioned most often among the TOP 10 changes, and avoidance or prevention of its abuse, are the key points in the life of enterprises and governments. We can believe that here and now there are some systems which are able to detect abuses in many cases and it is only going to develop even more. Among the drastic changes it is mentioned that in the next 5 years numerous programs will implement controls in the company system to prevent abuses. We do not know what is really frightening: if it happens or the fact that these activities already have their abbreviated names e.g.: RASP (runtime application self-protection).

However, connecting the identification process in the future with the reason why a user requests access to the system may be quite a big progress in the world. Therefore, service will not only control who is the user (IDaaS: Identity of as a Service), but also why the user wants to access (IAM: Identity and access management). Identification may also accelerate, since biometric identifiers will easily and rapidly take over these tasks. But, on the other hand, the market will simultaneously be concentrated through the acquisitions announced in the last few weeks.

Real threats are predestinated by the futurologists in connecting and managing of the IoT devices, calling the attention to personal rights and abuses.  Enterprises and users therefore will spend more and more money to protect their comfort such as to provide the security of self-ordering fridges, remotely switchable lights, heating and alarm systems.

Where is the role of security printing companies in this world?

We believe that still in the next millennium it will be important to have the possibility to select where to use and to whom to give our IDs and bank cards, while keeping them in hand. We trust that our eyes cannot be cheated and we have to develop numerous security elements that are firstly identifiable either by eyes or by a simple tool, and will be able to identify the document or the device as the first step. This can then be followed by the information identification and the access to data bases.

eIDWe have consistently been trusting in human senses and advanced information protection for years. That is why we spend almost the same money on information as well as document security developments. The new Hungarian electronic personal ID card has become one of the most beautiful and much the most effective personal ID document of the past years which already complies with the majority of Gartner’s predictions, since it includes not only the most advanced document security elements, but it is also ready for most of the electronic applications in the region.