The prize, which is one of the most prestigious professional recognitions in Hungary was awarded to the International Tender Director of State Printing House Plc. by the Federation of Hungarian Printers and Paper Makers in 2012.

Thanks to the different jobs filled by Mr Keczeli in the last decades, he has become an expert with a complex approach and open to continuous improvement. He worked on the merge of SZÜV Printing House with State Printing House, he was involved in the innovations after the privatisation and in the listing of the Company as well. As the result of the job of the sales group, export revenue of State Printing House Plc. grows dynamically; his person is guarantee for correct commercial connections.

He is a genuine printer, proficiency in English and French, a businessman with easy-flowing elegance. He is a father of two adult sons, gourmand in typography, sales, delicious foods and quality music.


We cordially congratulate and wish him further successful years.

Management and Colleagues of State Printing House Plc.