State Printing House Plc presented its newly developed solution, the product marking security label at the IFE Foodapest international food industry exhibition. The innovation developed by the Company offers effective protection against food abuses which occur quite often nowadays and it also contributes to the enhanced protection of consumers.

State Printing House Plc presented the product marking security label developed by the Company at the Foodapest exhibition in Budapest. The label solution makes the alteration or copy of the content of bar code labels more difficult. To enhance food security, it is essential to roll back the use of labels and packaging materials that are defective or do not conform to licenses. In this way, such abuses like repackaging, relabeling or the alteration of best before dates can be made more difficult. An effective way of prevention against such forgery techniques if we supply the etiquette with such a security marking which makes the removal or modification of the data in the label more difficult so it is not worth to try to forge for abusers.

The product marking security label which works at the above mentioned method not only offers a solution for several food abuses but its user-friendly protection mechanism provides two-level protection. On one side the raw material of the product marking security label is supplied with a special security additive which can be detected by a hand-held device giving clear yes-or-no answer. On the other side the serial numbered label is supplied with a security preprint before the printing of the bar code and other identifiers. The preprint is printed with such a solvent sensitive ink which leaves a clear sign after an attempt on removing the bar code and other identifiers (the preprint grows dim).

The security additive was developed by the Document Security Laboratory of State Printing House. The lately developed ‘RADIR’ hand-held device gives a sound and light sign in the presence of the security additive (it cannot read a bar code). The device is capable for the detection of the marker material even if it is mixed into the matrix of different materials like paper, textile, plastic, inks of different viscosity etc. and if the concentration is high enough, the device is capable of the reliable detection of the security material through transparent materials like glass, transparent plastics etc.

Besides the firm action of professional organisations and the authorities (keeping the rules, regular controls), it is highly important to guarantee food security and the protection of consumers. Mainly the latter could be supported by the other product of State Printing House presented at the exhibition. The RFID based technology with built-in sensors records the storing and handling conditions of food automatically and it enables tracking the whole lifecycle of a product form the production until sales and in this way it ensures the monitoring of the whole food chain.

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