Project Description

Laser and ink-jet document printing systems, devices of personalisation

ANY PLC offers a complete production line of decentralized personalisation that contains laser printer (filled with special toner) and heated roller laminator. The special toner is for data protection and lamination for additional fixing of the toner. These systems are especially suitable for the paper like documents (e.g. Neobond) that cannot be personalised in another way. The security of documents can also be guaranteed through local issuance. The prints can be easily checked with the help of UV light and special equipment. All written text remains legible, even if the visible colour of it were removed or rewritten on the paper.

Due to their extraordinary intensity and great light resistance, the special fluorescent inks that have been developed by the Document Security Laboratory of our Corporation has raised the security of documents to a new level. We use state-of-the-art technological devices and procedures for the production of inks, which allow us to produce pigments belonging to the nanometric range, to develop ink systems and to use them in ink-jet printers.