They are not only nice, but their use is convenient as well

MasterCard PayPass is a modern, contactless bank card based payment technology that facilitates and speeds up low-value transactions. Állami Nyomda, as a result of its technological developments, it is ready to production of PayPass cards in quantity. Any bank Client demanding a PayPass card can pay contactless with cards recently produced and personalised for MKB Bank.

Dual-interface PayPass bank cards -ensuring contact and contactless application- are supplied to MKB Bank by Állami Nyomda. The new type bank cards can be used in a more comfortable way: payments can be effected already at thousands of locations by simply tapping the card on a terminal reader.

PayPass solution is based on NearFieldCommunication (NFC) application that is an improvement of radio frequency identification (RFID). NFC enables secure, wireless data transfer in a few centimetres reach that is already applied in numerous scopes. These solutions are based on international standards applying the data transfer ability of devices actuated by the magnetic field around the terminal in the course of the card transaction.MasterCard PayPass bank card – in the reach of the terminal- contacts the terminal at short notice that processes the transaction after the Client’s identification and the secure payment is effected.

Állami Nyomda prepares to quick and comfortable payments be made with mobile phones as well. This way – according to plans-  PayPass bank cards can move into NFC applicable mobile phones as well.


Állami Nyomda Nyrt.

Further information can be downloaded about PayPass technology here, about MKB Bank PayPass products here and the mobile development of Állami Nyomda Nyrt. here.