Zoltán Tóth has already been working for ANY Security Printing Company’s Plant in Halom utca as an operator for 10 years, but this time we don’t want to write about him for that reason. 🙂

Zoli has regularly taken part in Spartan Race competitions since 2014, which is a worldwide innovative obstacle race with huge challenges, where athletes compete with themselves first of all; they stretch their physical limits and step out of their comfort zone in full. This is actually a cross-country running race, where distances are made more difficult by typical obstacles: mud, barbed wire, walls, fire, ropes, and the participants have to tote sandbags or 50 kg stone balls, creep under barbed wire in a 3°C stream, and then balance in wet shoes on a beam. Last time Zoli lined up for the start in April, in the round organized in Kutná Hora in the Czech Republic, where, after having completed the race distance, gritting his teeth and in spite of a serious injury he suffered during the race, he won the prestigious 28th place. Zoli has been doing sports regularly since 1986 and he has completed many half marathons as an amateur and has taken part in many powerlifting competitions. In his opinion, one can prepare for Spartan Race with cross-country running and strengthening the upper part of the body and arms. He is convinced that due to the proper physical preparedness, determination, persistence and will power anyone is able to complete these competitions where the place you have taken does not matter in fact, but rather the individual performance, the feeling of ‘I HAVE DONE IT’ and the community experience. We are proud that our colleagues deal with special things not only during their work but also in their spare time.

We congratulate Zoli for the results he has achieved and we wish him good health and competitions without injuries in the future.