ISO_14298Several audits and screenings were conducted in our Printing Company during this autumn.

In September of 2016, ANY Security Printing Company PLC successfully obtained the certificate of ISO 14298 Standard on ’Security printing processes management’ which had replaced the former CWA 14641 on ’High security printing company’.

ANY PLC has obtained this certificate on ’Governmental’ level for the card body production, and on ’Central bank’ level for the card personalisation, in ANY’s plant in Fátyolka Street. Security level of both the production and service processes continued to increase in the IT systems, and in the logical, technical and physical security system elements.

The physical and logical audits of VISA were finished at the end of August, and our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 as well as our AQAP certificates were renewed in October.