State Printing House Plc. won one of the highest domestic security certificates and increased the range of its international certificates as well.

To meet the requirements specified in standards, certificates and classifications of the printing industry represents a pledge of the success of a security printing company. These frames enable players of the printing industry to guarantee the security of their products and services. Obtention of the certificates conforming to the changes in technologies and requirements constitutes an important part of the strategy of State Printing House.

The Corporation reached a new milestone on this way in October 2011 by the obtention of one of the highest security certificates, namely the ’Strictly confidential’ certificate issued by the National Security Authority. This certifies that the data security system of State Printing House guarantees the security of use and close storage of the classified data till the highest classification level. In addition, the Printing House won the NATO ’Secret’ and the EU ’Secret’ certificates, which are of great importance in terms of the company’s �international image.

Due to the development and investment programs of the past years, the Printing House has reached a very high level of the classified data management by now. This could be reached by the obtention of the certificates and licenses such as ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001, the authorization for EMV MasterCard and VISA bankcard production and personalization, the CWA 14641 certificate for High Security Printer, the AQAP 2110 certificate or just the MasterCard CQM certificate.