Card-based personalisation tools and documents are becoming increasingly popular. Equipment used for polycarbonate cards are extremely efficient but also very expensive at the same time, thus their most sensible use often requires a centralised document processing system and large volumes. Állami Nyomda, one of the leading Central European card manufacturers, has developed its own, flexibly sized, easy-to-install and -operate card manufacturing and personalisation solution: the DOCUFLEX system.
Predetermined image and security elements are placed on the special, plastic-based middle layer of the three-layered, heat-laminated DOCUFLEX cards using traditional offset printing technology. This is then followed by the personalisation process using laser or inkjet printers with special, security inks. The final step is the double-sided lamination of the card.
The DOCUFLEX provides the ideal solution for most card manufacturing needs: with the easy-to-size, flexibly adaptable system, the production from a few thousand up to several million identification cards can be carried out quickly and efficiently. The system can operate in an office, as well as in a manufacturing environment as its operation requires no special expertise. The system allows the user to choose the optimal security level for the identification cards including holographic elements, fluorescent security prints, colour alternating prints, guilloche, micro script, hollow images and rainbow iris prints. All of these can be applied in a simple and efficient manner on the identification cards of the DOCUFLEX system.
The adaptability of the system allows our partners to produce personalised identification cards containing optimal security elements in their own office environment at the lowest possible costs even in small volumes and such are the benefits of working with State Printing Co. Ltd. a company with the expertise of producing over forty million cards annually.