A 4-es metró állomásai

Szent Gellért tér – MTI fotó

After 23 years of planning, metro 4 is underway. This is not only interesting news; because of the modern train line and the spectacular architecture of the metro stations, but because of the arrival of the new ticket machines. These ticket machines are able to accept contactless PayPass bankcards as well. The growth of contactless cards has begun in our country. Banks are rapidly changing their card technology and more and more POS terminals are accepting these cards. Not to mention the new ‘Hungarian Mobile Wallet’ pilot program, this will allow you to buy tickets with your NFC capable phone from the ticket machine. In just a few steps, the metro entrance system will become fully electronic.

We are confident. We can see from international trends and quick and easy card acceptance, user satisfaction.  The technology and capacity is available, therefore, we want to follow the international forefront. In this way, not only will the customer be free to travel quickly and safely on the new metro line, but he will be able to take advantage of the convenient e-ticketing services as well.