The National Council of Hill Communities is proposing to introduce a seal of origin to be placed on the neck of bottled wines. Led by their commitment to Hungarian wine regions’ proud traditions, the National Council of Hill Communities together with Állami Nyomda, have outlined the terms for the production and sale of seals of origin for wine in order to preserve the image of the wine production sector, ensure the quality of these wines and prevent tampering. The National Council of Hill Communities has agreed to act as patron over the use of wine seals of origin produced and sold by Állami Nyomda. The introduction of the wine seal of origin provides quality wines of producers in hill communities with a security element attached to the wine bottles as a neck label, which can be verified by the customer prior to the purchase. Wine seals of origin can only be ordered and affixed to products of producer members authorised by the Council of Hill Communities, who will provide certification to Állami Nyomda prior to each individual order. Pursuant to the agreement, Állami Nyomda shall provide the National Council of Hill Communities access to the entire registration system, and limited access (to the section of the registration system pertaining to their producers) to each participating hill community council. In order to expose fraud, Állami Nyomda shall respond to questions regarding issued wine seals of origin that are asked in writing by the head of the hill community council, and a query platform will also be made available on a public website on whether wine seal of origin of a certain serial number is authentic and to which company it has been sold. The cost of the seal of origin is fairly favourable in spite of the numerous security elements and special paper used. The extraordinarily low investment of HUF 2.20 + VAT per bottle provides wine producers with an efficient tool that will simplify quality assurance of commercially sold wines and the prevention of fraud. Based on close cooperation with the hill communities, these seals will increase the competitiveness of traditional Hungarian wine regions within the European Union. Wine producers can order the required amount of seals of origin in writing, using the official order form.
Orders can be sent to Állami Nyomda at 1102 Budapest, Halom utca 5. or faxed to (+36-1) 431 1350. National Council of Hill Communities, Állami Nyomda