The shareholders of State Printing House approved the proposed HUF 43 dividend and approved the 2011 financial statements.

The Annual General Meeting of State Printing House held on April 20, 2012 approved the 2011 financial statements including consolidated net sales of HUF 17.1 billion and the net profit of HUF 623 million, as well as the report of the Supervisory Board and the Auditor. The General Meeting supported the Board of Directors’ proposal for a dividend of HUF 43 and therefore whole profit of State Printing House will be distributed to its shareholders. Dividends will be paid on May 15, 2012.

The General Meeting agreed unanimously in the extension of authorization for the acquisition of treasury shares. According to this, the Board of Directors has the right to purchase treasury shares to the extent of maximum 20 % of the share capital for the possible maintenance of exchange rate as well as for the share option program.

“It is said that each year spent in crisis counts double. In this manner exceptional efforts were required to meet the demands that are often similar to expectations before the crisis. However during this time improvement means that a company acts by a long term strategy. It understands and meets the Customers’ needs. It uses and takes the advantages of the new technologies. The company operates this way in order to be a partner of its Clients in the future as well. We look towards possibilities given by technological developments because we would not like to defend ourselves from the negative effects of the crisis, but to take advantage of it. We know the way to the future, for which we are asking for the confidence and cooperation of not only our Shareholders but our Clients and Partners as well. Next years’ success stories will tell us about companies that were able to achieve commandingly also under these circumstances. I am convinced that our printing company will be among these ones.”– declared Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of State Printing House Plc.

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