The State Printing House Plc. has concluded a contract of indefinite duration with the FHB Commercial Bank. In the frame of the contract the Printing House will render the full range of services from the production of plastics to the mail preparation.
The second greatest security printing company of the Central and Eastern Europe has signed a contract with the FHB Bank in the subject of complex services relating to VISA and Mastercard bank cards with EMV chip. According to the contract, besides the production of plastics with chip approved by VISA and Mastercard, the Printing House will perform their personalization, the preparation of PIN cards, enveloping of mails, production of postal auxiliary materials and the mail preparation as well.
The State Printing House who has the authorization to produce and personalize the EMV Visa and Mastercard bank cards currently works on several card developments focusing on the international trends.

State Printing House Plc.