This prize which is one of the most prestigious professional recognitions in Hungary was awarded to the Head of Sales of State Printing House by the Hungarian Association of Paper and Printing Industry in 2011. Dr. Erzsébet Novotny deserved the Hess András prize by her outstanding scientific work among others.

Performances of the most prominent persons of the printing industry were this year again rewarded by the Hess András prize awarded by the board of the Hungarian Association of Paper and Printing Industry. Six people were awarded this prize by the board of the Association, among them dr. Erzsébet Novotny, who is the Head of Sales for the securities business line of State Printing House. Erzsébet Novotny deserved this prize primarily by her high-level scientific work, her professional path as well as her experiences in the printing industry. When making the decision it was underlined by the Association that the prize winner’s loyalty to the printing industry is shown in the education of the new generation as well. Erzsébet Novotny provided support to the graduating students as a tutor and consultant for twenty years, she has been teaching as an invited lecturer at Óbuda University for the past two years, and she is active in the fields of publications and lectures as well.

We cordially congratulate and wish her further successful years,

State Printing House