The brand new Hungarian tax stamps with data matrix codes are produced by the consortium led by Állami Nyomda.

Állami Nyomda (State Printing House Plc.) has been producing Hungarian alcohol and cigarette tax stamps – required as proof of excise tax payments and including special security solutions for NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration) for 16 years. Tax stamps with Data Matrix two dimensional barcodes that must be issued in Hungary from 1st May, 2012 are also produced by the consortium led by the Company. The Data Matrix codes carry the unique serial numbers of the tax stamps that enables the authorities to track and trace the stamps throughout the supply chain. The products supplied with tax stamps will become quickly controllable and identified with the help of a database connection.

The placement of the Data Matrix code has been optimized for different types of packaging. All the previously applied graphical elements, special security solutions and digitally printed variable data (serial number, quantitative data, price, tax rate) are printed on the new tax stamps as well.

Állami Nyomda Nyrt.