2nd of May 2023 ANY Security Printing Company PLC has appointed Balázs Megyeri as Chief Research and Development Officer of ANY Security Printing Company PLC with effect from 1 May 2023.

Balázs Megyeri is a member of the ANY team since September 2015. He graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2000 with a degree in Chemical Engineering, specialised in plastics, and in 2019 he graduated with a degree in engineering and economics from the Faculty of Business Administration of the Corvinus University of Budapest. He first applied his expertise and many years of experience in the research and development area of the Printing Company as a chemical engineer, and after the retirement of Dr. Lajos Székelyhidi, former Chief Research and Development Officer, on 30 June 2022, he took over the management of the department as Director of Research and Development. From the very beginning, he played a role in the creation of innovative solutions and new patents in the field of document security. In his new role, he is responsible for the expertise, research and development and production activities of the Document Security Laboratory and for the continued provision of security products and solutions offered by the Company. Balázs Megyeri does not currently have shares in ANY Security Printing Company PLC.