ANY Security Printing Company Plc. hereby meets the extraordinary disclosure requirements on its own behalf, on behalf of Zampic LLC (address: 12224 Iron Bluff Place, Austin. Texas, 78738 USA), and on behalf of Robert Elton Brooker III, Member of the Board of Directors pursuant to section 199.§ Act CXX of 2001 on the Capital Market and as well as to EU Regulation 596/2014/EU:

Zampic LLC, 100% owned by Robert Elton Brooker III purchased 400 pieces of ordinary shares of ANY Security Printing Company PLC at the Budapest Stock Exchange on 9th June 2023 and another 337 pieces on 14th June 2023 in an average price of 1,685 HUF/share with the help of Interactive Brokers as investment service provider.

After the transaction Robert Elton Brooker III owns indirectly (through Zampic LLC) 9,185 pieces of shares in total issued by ANY Security Printing Company PLC.