According to the paragraph 61 and 201./B-C as well as under the point (3) of paragraph 55 of the Law CXX of 2001, and under the point II/6 in Appendix 4 of the regulation 24/2008 (VIII.15.) of the Hungarian Ministry of Finance, State Printing House Plc. – in its own name and on behalf of Láng Asset Management Co. and EG Capital SA – meets its extraordinary publication liability as follows:

After the acceptance of its litigation process by the Registration Court, 153 010 ordinary shares issued by State Printing House Plc. and owned by Láng Asset Management Co. were transferred on August 6, 2010 to the securities’ account of the parent company, EG Capital SA, with the assistance of Concorde Securities Ltd., as investment service provider. Following the transaction, number of ordinary shares issued by State Printing House Plc. and owned by EG Capital SA changed to 3 714 210 pieces.

Due to this transaction, number of the shares of State Printing House owned indirectly by the President of Board of Directors and the Vice-President of Supervisory Board of State Printing House Plc. has not changed.

Standard form for acquiring or disposing of voting rights attached to shares or to financial instruments in compliance with section 61 of act CXX of 2001 on capital markets you can find here.

State Printing House Plc.