Pursuant to article 1 of section 67 of act CXX of 2001 on capital markets and section 6 of annex 6 of the same act and in accordance with the requirements stated in the Statutes of State Printing House Plc (hereafter referred to as ‘the Company’), the Company hereby informs the capital market players about the following, based on the information received from the shareholders and authorized by them:

Certain shareholders of the Company, E.G. CAPITAL SA. (registered office: 5, boulevard de la Foire L 1528 Luxembourg, registered number: B 109281), GYÖRGY GYERGYÁK, general manager of State Printing House Plc, GYÖRGY VAJDA, member of the Supervisory Board of State Printing House Plc and GÁBOR ZSÁMBOKI, deputy general manager of State Printing House Plc (hereafter referred to as ‘the Shareholders’) has modified on 6 July 2007 the shareholder’s agreement (Shareholder’s Agreement) concluded between them on 12 February 2007 pursuant to heading 137 of article 1 of section 5 of act CXX of 2001 on capital markets and article 1 of section 65/A of the same act as follows:

The Shareholder’s Agreement is concluded for such a period until one of the following three conditions will occur:
i. 31 January 2010,
ii. Until the day when the BSE price of the Series “A” registered ordinary shares issued by the Company will exceed HUF 17,500 per share,
iii. Until the day when – due to some future circumstances – they would reach the threshold of public purchase offer requirement together to an extent that does not yet result in offer requirement.

On the basis of the Shareholders’ Agreement, the shareholders will act coordinated in performing voting rights and in decision-making over selling their shares that ensures voting right. The joint ownership of the Shareholders has not changed due to the present modification of the Shareholders’ Agreement, it amounts to 25.04%.

State Printing House Plc