Based on the announcement on dividend payment for FY 2008 published on 16 April 2009, State Printing House Plc hereby informs the Shareholders that it publishes the final amount of dividend to be paid from 20 May 2009 in the present announcement.

The Company owns 420,500 pieces of treasury shares. Shareholders entitled to dividend shall be paid the dividend for treasury shares in ratio of their ownership. The rate of the latter amounts to gross HUF 1.55 per share that is one point fifty-five Hungarian Forints.

Based on the above, State Printing House Plc pays for the FY 2008 to shareholders entitled to dividend HUF 54.55 gross dividend that is fifty-four point fifty-five Hungarian forints for one piece of ordinary shares (ISIN identifier: HU0000093257).

State Printing House Plc