According to the decision of the Annual General Meeting held on 30 March 2009, State Printing House Plc will pay HUF 53, that is fifty-three gross dividend after FY 2008 for one Series ‘A’ dematerialized registered ordinary share with a par value of HUF 98 listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange (ISIN identifier: HU0000093257). Besides the gross dividend approved for ordinary shares specified above, if the Company has treasury shares on the availability date, the dividend for treasury shares will be distributed to the shareholders proportionally. According to the number of treasury shares (420,500 pieces) on 16 April 2009, further HUF 1.55 besides the HUF 53 that is HUF 54.55 dividend per share altogether will be paid. The paid amount of dividend may vary depending on the number of treasury shares on 8 May 2009.

Starting date of dividend payment is 20 May 2009.

Those shareholders are entitled to dividend who have State Printing House Plc shares registered on their securities account on 13 May 2009. Ordinary shares entitled to dividend for the year 2008 can be purchased on 8 May 2009 for the last time on the Budapest Stock Exchange.

State Printing House Plc requests Központi Elszámolóház és Értéktár (Budapest) Zrt (hereinafter referred to as: KELER), the Company’s share registrar to perform shareholder matching, of which availability date is 13 May 2009.

On behalf of State Printing House Plc, KELER Zrt. act regarding dividend payment based on the data supplied by the investment service provider who holds the shareholder’s account.

Shareholders are hereby advised that State Printing House Plc will pay dividend to shareholders meeting the conditions listed as follows:
1. The shareholder, or the duly authorised representative of the shareholder as set forth in paragraph 151 of act CXX of 2001 on Capital Markets has been entered into the Share Registry of State Printing House Plc.
2. The data necessary for the accounting of the dividend are available to State Printing House Plc or to KELER Zrt acting as its agent. The data shall be provided to KELER Zrt by the shareholder matching as of 13 May 2009 or by the account managers of the shareholders in the case of dividend claims made at a later date.
Shareholders are hereby advised to check by 13 May 2009 at latest with their account managers the data necessary within the context of the payment / of taxation, since no dividend can be paid in lack of such information. For private persons the following information is necessary for the payment / taxation:
name, address, tax ID code, sex, birth name, mother’s maiden name, date and place of birth, as well as citizenship of the shareholder.
For legal entities the following information is needed:
company name, seat and tax ID number of the shareholder (registration number in the case of investment funds).

The dividend shall be transferred according to the data announced by the account managers starting from 20 May 2009, provided that the account manager has furnished to KELER Zrt. all of the information pertaining to the shareholder in the required format.

State Printing House Plc and KELER Zrt. acting as its agent shall not be held responsible for the delay resulting from the incomplete or incorrect data supply by the account managers or from the time intensiveness of the data processing.

In the event that the account manager supplies the missing or corrected data to KELER Zrt. after 20 May 2009, the dividend shall be transferred by the 5th working day of the month following the data supply.

State Printing House Plc and KELER Zrt. are not liable to pay interest for dividends received after 20 May 2009.

State Printing House Plc or its agent shall at all times calculate and pay the net dividend to its shareholders in compliance with the relevant regulations in force.

State Printing House Plc shall issue and forward to the shareholders by mail no later than 31st January 2010 a tax certificate about the amount of taxes deducted.

The dividend due for the year 2008 can be claimed for a period of 5 years following the starting date of the dividend payment, after which the dividend claim will lapse.

State Printing House Plc