The largest development of the last decade has been started by State Printing House. The 800-million-HUF innovation allows the use of mobile phones as bankcards, season tickets or even as customers’ loyalty cards in the future.

Using its ten-year experience obtained in the fields of production of security products and data logistics, State Printing House starts to develop its solutions providing payment and identification by mobile phones. Similarly to the introduction of card production, personalization of the applications on mobile phones represents a newer milestone in the life of the Corporation. The Printing House submitted an application to a tender titled ‘Development of trustful service management (TSM) platform and mobile NFC reference applications in the CEE region’ in the frame of the Economic Development Operational Program in order to increase its significant own resources. The Corporation’s own part that amounts to almost HUF 600 million in the project calculating with a three-year return period will be provided from own resources, and in addition to this, a 210-million-HUF non-refundable grant was awarded to the Corporation by the National Development Agency.

The appearance of smart phones opened new fields of use for the users and service providers. Besides the traditional services, the international standards, trends and user requirements give evidence that the devices will also be used by the subscribers for payment and identification solutions to an increasing extent. According to this, the innovation focuses on two areas. The primary objective is to make State Printing House capable to guarantee data security in case of payment and identification by mobile phone through the development of trustful service management (TSM). This is even more important, as the merchants, financial institutions and governments are more and more interested in the use of advantages provided by mobile phones and electronic technologies. The TSM system allows for the users to safely use the applications such as electronic season tickets or even to use the mobile phone as a bankcard, customers’ loyalty card or pass, which are determined as the other objective of the development.

‘The increase of our portfolio in the direction of security services provided for the smart phones is a strategic decision representing a significant progress in the life of State Printing House. For the past several years this Printing House is not a printing house in a classical sense, but rather a security data logistical firm. The Corporation’s profitability demonstrates that it was always able to respond to the market needs: as we have been performing the secure personalization of forms and then cards. Hence, our aim for the future is to personalize the mobile softwares facing a huge increase not only in Hungary but also in the region.’– declared Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of State Printing House.

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