Állami Nyomda will participate in supplying Albania’s new, card-based driver’s licenses and the issuing system thereof as a subcontractor to Bull Magyarország. The contract was won in a local public procurement tender in Albania. The southeast European country issued the tender with the objective of replacing its current, paper-based, easily forgeable documents with a driver’s license that uses the most modern document security solutions. The new, card-based Albanian license, which meets the applicable EU standards, has 14 different special security features, plus a sophisticated two-dimension barcode that contains the data of the holder’s fingerprint.
The scope of the contract goes beyond producing security plastic cards and forms. The comprehensive operations range from data entry and processing through card design and production to the implementation of the issuing and personalization center in Albania. Bull Magyarország decided to team up with Állami Nyomda, a manufacturer of EU compliant card products, because it has considerable experience not only in producing and personalizing security cards but also in preparing the forms and software required for data entry.
Állami Nyomda, which has produced over 100 million cards in the past years and has an increasingly significant presence in Central Europe, is responsible for designing the card document and the application form, delivering the high-security data entry software, producing the card bodies and installing the complete laser engraving personalization system, with the necessary training courses.
The first driver’s license produced by the system – which was implemented using the experience gained in the Hungarian document reform – was ceremoniously presented to Albania’s Minister of Transport. The complete replacement of all 400,000 Albanian driver’s licenses is expected to take three years.