The Supervisory Board of Állami Nyomda has approved the Proposal of the Board of Directors to put the 2009 profit into a reserve. Shareholders may decide on the April 30 General Meeting on the proposal.

State Printing House Plc will hold its Annual General Meeting at 14.00 on 30 April 2009. For the sake of growth, the Board of Directors in accordance with the Supervisory Board proposes the shareholders on the use of profit after tax to reserve the profit. Besides the planned acquisitions, the Company continues to place great emphasis on organic growth so it carries on with developments connected to electronic payment, chip cards, and products based on nanotechnology.

Chief Executive Officer Gábor Zsámboki commented:
‘We propose the shareholders to plough back profit in order to increase the value of the Company. Besides acquisitions, further reinforcement of IT developments contributes to Állami Nyomda’s stronger position after the crisis being a key European player in the security printing industry.’

State Printing House Plc