The Green Printing Company prize of the year was awarded to Állami Nyomda for the second time. The awards ceremony took place at the Óbuda University on 29th of October, 2012.

The environmental vocation of the management of Állami Nyomda is proved by the fact that the Company publicised its commitment to support the improvement of environmental operation earlier in its Policy of environmental protection; from 2010 as a part of its Integrated management policy. Our Company has been in possession of an environmental management system as per ISO 14001 standard since 2001, and it gives preference to subcontractors that not only supply expected quality products, but can prove their environmental commitment as well. 

Our Company – within the scope of environmental directions, internal trainings – gives attention to promote green attitudes among the personnel. A range of our environmental measures: printer consolidation, pollution prevention, reduction of environmental impacts, resource conservation, application of eco-friendly production, reduction of the quantity and the environmental impacts of dangerous goods, waste reduction and recycling and further similar plans verify that Állami Nyomda is green not only in its logo. 

Állami Nyomda Plc.