Állami Nyomda Plc. has joined the EPCglobal organization as an EPCglobal provider amongst the first in Hungary. EPCglobal is responsible for the electronic numbering system used in the RFID tags for the standard behind it, which enables the identification and tracking of products internationally. Állami Nyomda Plc – as an official EPCglobal provider – is authorized and prepared for the creation of UIDs (unique serial number) and to provide the complex system according to the needs of the clients.

Állami Nyomda has introduced recently its second-generation based, high-speed RFID solution optimized for logistics use. The system is based on EPCglobal’s numbering standard, using the advantages of the second generation protocol – said Laszlo Racz RFID advisor. The pilot system operates on ultra-high frequency (UHF 868Mhz) using passive tags. Every box is equipped with an RFID label on the pallet, which are read by the portal application simultaneously during transition. Besides the EPC service, Állami Nyomda undertakes the planning and execution of the complex RFID system, as well as the printing and coding of the tags. The introduced solution is compatible with the technology used by Walmart (US), Metro (Germany) or Tesco (UK).

„We are proud that GS1, an international network existing in 103 countries, and EPCglobal considers us amongst the first partners in Hungary. Research and development has always been an important activity at Állami Nyomda, in which RFID projects got into focus during the last years. We are working on several pilot projects, the results can be expected from this year. There is already an increased interest for the currently introduced system. Our colleagues will be speaking of the RFID solution and our EPC service at numerous conferences and exhibitions.” – said Gabor Zsamboki, the deputy general manager of sales and marketing of Állami Nyomda Plc.

David Ketszeri, the senior consultant of EPCglobal Hungary, said with reference to the cooperation with Állami Nyomda:
„The EPCglobal program was launched in Hungary by GS1 Hungary, the only organization to officially provide EPC manager numbers. As a non-profit organization supported by the industry, its main purpose and aim is to create and support the international standard responsible for automatic identification. I believe that our cooperation with Állami Nyomda will be successful and that more and more participants will use this standard in the supply chain.”

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