While screen printing is highly popular for its special effects, everyone believes that it is a slow solution. In addition to the technological characteristics, deliveries are made even slower by the time required for screen printed layers to dry. Clients, however, increasingly demand unique, attention-grabbing printing solutions. The new, high-output automated screen printing line of Állami Nyomda can resolve the contradiction. With its high-performance screen printing technology the machine can print 2,200 sheets per hour, while its drying-cooling module allows immediate delivery of the printed materials.

Technical parameters– sheet size: 65 × 80 cm (extended B2)
– speed: 2,200 sheets/hour
– automatic loading and unloading
– computer-based setup, continuous control, print length adjustment

– paper, plastic film, etc.
– any flexible material with a thickness of approx. 0.08mm to 0.8mm suitable for screen printing

– conventional hot-air system
– UV drying with two UV tubes
– sheet re-cooling

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