In order to fully meet the demands of the sponsor or advertising client, self-adhesive wristbands manufactured by State Printing Co. Ltd. can be equipped not only with unique colour codes but with unique printed graphic designs in four colours as well,. The size of the wristbands is 260 x 26 mm; they are non-reusable, are made of water-resistant paper and have a security self-adhesive surface. The non-transferable, waterproof wristbands printed in various colours can be used to verify whether a visitor is authorised to be at a venue, whether he has purchased the ticket to suit the time of day and his age group, and the services he is authorised to use. The wristband has benefits for the visitor as well, since as long as he leaves the wristband on (it cannot be removed unless damaged), he can leave and re-enter the site at any time without having to buy a new entry ticket. Upon purchase of a combined ticket it is easy to verify whether someone is authorised to use various services without the need to carry any other proof of purchase. The information inserted into the wristband can be adapted as needed and most of the surface of the ribbon can be sold as advertising surface space.

State Printing Co. Ltd. is ready to participate in the implementation of any idea, and we are at your disposal with further information. If you have questions kindly contact Erzsébet Novotny, head of the value articles business division at or at (+36-1) 431 1351.